DEXcharts token

Token symbol: DDAT

Token contract: will be published after TGE

Total supply: 299.534.140

Conversion rate: 32,500 DDAT / 1 BNB

We are no fans of ido platforms for the lucky few and wish to grow organically so all of our early community will get rewarded. This is why we are only raising 400 BNB to support our team during buidl!

To participate in our presale send the amount of BNB you would like to invest in our token to the following address only:


After the token generation event our contract will automaticly send your DDAT tokens prior to listing on exchanges

Why should you invest in DDAT?

DDAT is part of an early market focus on Binance smartchain and the Solana ecosystem because the ethereum network no longer can handle the ever growing defi workload. We believe these chains hold the future of the decentralised finance ecosystem and are here to start building early.

A comparison to ETH focused charting / analytics providers:

Dextools: 40 million marketcap

Chartex: 4 million marketcap

Astrotools: 3 million marketcap

DDAT initial marketcap: 100,000usd